Sunday, November 24, 2013

Peyton's Buddy Jackson

Back in March, we noticed that there we had neighbors moving into the house behind us. Our townhouse was built up high, so if you looked out from our porch you could see into their yard. One day while playing outside with Peyton, Josh introduced himself to them. Megan and Chauncey had just moved to San Antonio from Oklahoma City for Chauncey's job. They have an adorable little boy named Jackson, who Peyton clicked with right away. The next day, Josh asked if we could have their boxes since we had an upcoming move. They gladly gave them to us. If we hadn't asked, the moving service would have picked them up the next day. What a blessing to us! Boxes are expensive.

We know that God put this family into our lives at the right time. Even though it was a few short months, I know we will keep in touch. I see family vacations together in our future! 

sweet little buddy

our first time having them over for dinner (I love the way they look at each other!)

Future Aggie brothers! (while his parents were on date night, the Russells began the brainwashing...I mean let him borrow Peyton's pajamas and dressed Peyton in his matching pair) 

Easter service, 2013

having fun at Beto's

they spent lots of time in the corn pool

more corn pool fun

last time hanging out, the day we left San Antonio
Happy 2nd birthday Jackson! We miss you :)