Saturday, July 31, 2010

Swagger Wagon...oh wow...

I've seen a few of these commercials, but HAD to share this. Gotta love viral marketing!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


So a good friend named Kristen inspired me to write this post. Not sure if you've heard of Scentsy or know what it is, but it's wonderful. Basically it's a candle warmer that's more safe because it's wickless. We were given one as a wedding gift, and had no clue what we were brought into. There are tons of scents that you can buy! Our current faves are leather, banana nut bread, hemingway, sugar, caramel spice...yeah I like a lot. A parent of one of my students named Cindy sells them. (She also cuts hair at Hairmasters!) I really love working with her, and in the fall I will be hosting a Scentsy party! Hope you all can join ;) more info on that this fall. So the question of the day is, do you have a scentsy yet and what's your favorite scent?

Friday, July 23, 2010


OK, so recently I've been going to Spectrum a lot more to work on my fitness. I have resisted going to Zumba because the room has windows and I've watched the class before. I didn't know if I could have as much energy as them! BUT, after getting tired of doing the elliptical and thinking I wasn't getting a great workout, I decided to give it a shot. I must say, it is addicting! I always need water after each song and I'm sore for a few days. My two favorite instructors are Carla and Mara. Here's a video to my favorite song...the choreography is hard and the song stays in my head all day/ week.

You should also know that if I keep taking Zumba I might need to buy some attire. The picture above the video shows what most people in the class dress like. (for now I'll stick to my aggie T's, workout capris and Adidas thank you very much) BUT, I guess I wouldn't mind it if Zumba helped me have a body like her ;)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hello my name is Ashley Russell and I am a post slacker (sad face) I used to check my blog everyday at work and post updates then and somehow it slips my mind. A lot has happened since May 18. School ended - hallelujah, we moved to a new town home, and I had Lasiks done. Josh has been doing research during the day while I get to go workout or see the twins.

One fun thing we have started is to watch the AFI's top 100 movies. It's been really fun to catch up on some classics! Here's what we've watched so far:
1. Citizen Kane
2. Casablanca
3. Gone With the Wind
4. Schindler's List
5. The Graduate
We've also watched some other great movies: The Book of Eli, The Greatest, The Fugitive, Hot Tub Time Machine, Invictus, From Paris With now that I list them out I see why we haven't finished unpacking oops.

Hope you're able to enjoy the fourth despite the tropical storm!