Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We're baaaacccckkk...

Josh and I had a great trip to good ol' Port Neches this weekend! I took Monday off so it could be a little longer. We started off the trip with a bang by driving through the monsoon in Houston...it pretty much followed us from SA. (We had a tornado warning at my school!) On Saturday we had Grandpa's 80th birthday party, then the men went to the casino in Lake Charles while the girls went to see the Back-up Plan. (funny but awkward) Sunday was a lazy day, followed by BBQ crabs at Sartin's. Josh went fishing with Uncle Greg and Paw Paw, while we went walking at the track. Yesterday we drove home and then I helped with a baby shower for a friend in Bible Study. Overall a fun and successful weekend!

How was your weekend?

p.s. Happy 2 year anniversary shout-out to Mr. and Mrs. Dalton! Best Texas wedding I have ever been to ;)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Staff Dinner Turkish Style

Tonight Josh and I went to dinner at Turquoise, a cozy little Turkish restaurant here in SA. The food was very similar to what we had in Turkey! Strangely we kind of missed it! They had hummus and bread too. I attached a picture of what Josh ordered. It's called Iskender Kebab. I think it has bread at the bottom, kebab, a tomatoe sauce and the white blobs are yogurt. Sounds weird but it's actually good!

Positive notes this week: Josh only has 2 more finals, we're going to PN on Friday, seeing family, Grandpa Joe's 80th birthday, taking Monday OFF, AND having an 8th grader in tutoring tell me I'm the first teacher that's helped him ACTUALLY get IT (math).

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

May Love

This weekend was another busy one! After a looooonnngggg TAKS week and finishing up a teacher cert book study, I got to see those handsome Oler boys. They are such cuties...I've never heard them cry. Cyrus fell asleep while I was holding them. Such a treat! We went to dinner at the original Rudy's with Sheena and Scott in Leon Springs. Yum!

One of my final region 20 Saturday Sessions! Hearing the details of how many people in the program still looking for a job made me thankful. I got home around noon and my awesome husband had started on our MOUNTAIN of laundry. Whew. We got it all done but 1 load. Our friend Devin came in town with Erica. We went to the Riverwalk and to a new place called the Yard House.

Josh and I went to Mission Church for the 3rd time and we really love it. Devin took Erica to the zoo, while Josh helped me fold laundry. We went to dinner before they left. For dessert we went to our new Pastor's house! We really enjoyed their fellowship. Just another reason to love this Church. Josh and I both discussed how quickly this whole process of joining a church has been and what God has revealed to us. Everything happens for a reason, His reason!

On a side note we've found a new rent home and will be moving in the end of May. Josh starts finals on Friday so please send prayers his way. We both really miss our families. I haven't seen mine since Easter and haven't been to PN since January! Josh saw his parents for the maroon and white game, but we haven't been to Midlo since the end of January. Crazy how this semester has flown by. Visiting people is at the top of our summer to-do list.

Currently listening to Chris Tomlin's Indescribable "You see the depths of our heart's and you love us the same...you are amazing God."